Human Centered Healthcare Design

In Japan The elderly population rate will reach about 30% until 2025. No one has ever experienced a super aging society like this. Even though we have few economic resources and medical resources, we have to create a society that we can we can enjoy good health and be in active all our lives. To realize such a society it is necessary to have knowledge specialized medical care and nursing and design thinking that we can find problems in a medical or home nursing place, understand the insight ,develop needs statement, make concept and design products(business) to solve problem in the field. I started MT Healthcare Design Laboratory Inc at 2013 as a design farm engaged in research, design, and create business specialized in the healthcare and medical field. We consult to create product, to create market and to promote new business. We can satisfy the design needs of customer connected upstream and downstream in conjunction with various partners, designer, doctor, academia, engineer and so on.

Our Service

Our services are investigation of senior and elder care market, investigation of healthcare market such as hospital, community medicine, home care ,and business consulthing design services connected upstream and downstream based on these investigation such as making a concept, design products producing and planning, business, a sales strategy.

Our Service Process

We consult merchandising, such as the production of a concept and design producing and planning of production based on investigation of an elderly-people market and medical treatment and a care speciality and it, business, a sales strategy. It's based on the particularity of the medical treatment and the nursing industry, and a consistent suggestion is done from an investigation to sale.

Our flow of Service and Method

Our Business

Service design (Planning of business and the product Design)

  • Investigation, Analysis, Report
  • Data analysis and statistics * Big data system measure
  • Workshop Seminar (Reteaming, Technique)
  • Concept construction (Service, Product)
  • User scenario construction
  • Blanding
  • Effect measurement /Inspection(PDCA …)

Product design

  • Electronic communication, Apparatus terminal
  • Medical/ Nursing care Equipment
  • Furniture

Digital-services design

  • UI(User interface)Design
  • Development of WEB site, Mobile terminal application (iOS / Android)
  • Development of a network service, application system
  • Data communication design
  • Visual design (picture, graphics)
  • Development of a promotion tool of media

Space design

  • Furnishing, Environment design
  • Custom-made furniture for doctor's office nursing home

Our Works


  • Domestic research trends survey of biopharmaceutical
  • Investigation into information sharing of nursing work
  • Digital sound system evaluation whereby an elderly person

Verification project on the field

  • The social network system for preventing aggravation of diabetic by nutrition support

Concept plan (plan of business, the product)

  • Preparing service manual for the health care product shop
  • Concept planning of the health floor at shopping center Lalaport
  • Concept planning of the health housing
  • Sales promotion of LOW POTASSIUM lettuce
  • R&D for socks whereby an elderly person

Our Product design

  • Fall preventive movement sensor(Nippon Aleph Corporation)[Lunanurse]【Good Design Award 2014】
  • System for protection of exposure cause of Anti-cancer agent
  • Lightning Equipment for Operatng Rooms

Digital service design

  • Making of healthy application logic contents
  • Electronic chart Re-Design project
離床センサ [ルナナース]

Medical healthcare managementfall preventive movement sensor [Lunanurse]

【Good Design Award 2014】
As the society is aging further, the risk of falling accident at hospitals and CARE FACILITY is increasing year by year,and Preventing falling accident is important and continuous task in nursing care sites.
Lunanurse was developed as a fall preventive movement sensor in elderly facilities / hospitals. After conducting research focused on behavior on the bed such as waking up and leaving we help sending it all around the world as product superior in design. Now there are very few nursing care products designed as goods for living in comfort. We will propose the way and products that elder can live safety and comfortably in a design-viewpoint.

Medical healthcare managementantileak

Anticancer drug killis cancer cell by inhibiting cell DNA. For cancer patients it is effective, but it might make threat of Health Hazard in some use. Antileak is infusion system developed to protect nurse from exposure of anticancer drug. We supported to design a user-friendly assisting tool and an operations manual,video for using Antileak simply and safety.
We make proposal that design for medical security.


Social Platform L.M.D.P.Life & Medical Design Platform since 2006

Besides running our company, Yasuko Akutsu host Life & Medical Platform It is co-creation Platform specialized healthcare that medical person, Academia engineer designer participate. Our world is becoming Complex.The problem of new world cannot be solved by one person,one company.CO-creation will be sought.

LMDP pepper ideason Was held in 2014. NINNIN Pepper was born from LMDP.Pepper Ideason.And won the 1st prize at pepper app challenge 2015.THE 1st NinNIn pepper app is the concept model for dementia couple caring by pepper.

LMDP Method

L.M.D.P. Works

'ninnin Pepper' Project - app for helping care for Dementia
【Pepper App Challenge 2015 the 1st Prize】
【Pepper App Challenge 2015 the social-innovation Prize】

ninnin pepper

L.M.D.P. pepper ideason Was held in 2014.'ninnin Pepper' was born from LMDP.Pepper Ideathon.And won the 1st prize at pepper app challenge 2015.the 1st ninnIn pepper app is the concept model for deimentia couple caring with pepper. The 2nd ninnin pepper app focused on raising awareness of the response to elderly people with dementia. Also,the member Mr.kondo(Pepper producer of Fubright communications)won the 1st prize of pepper innovation challenge 2015 again.

L.M.D.P. Programs for healthcare design

BIODESIGN of  Stanford Univ.

Developing Medical Equipment / Medical / Healthcare System / Healthcare Business is not as easy as non m medical product . For development we have to learn a lot about various legal issues such as Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act) ,Medical Care Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Information,the medical insurance system, care insurance system.and so on. There are many stakeholders as doctors, nurses, co-medicals, patients, patient family. The ability to make their needs visible, to gather needs and to make solutions for searching needs in medical and care market. We have started LMDP health care design program. This is the co-creation program (co-creation with R&D, Startup,designer, doctor,nurse and so on) for healthcare innovation.

Company Profile

MT Health Care Design Research Inc.

June 20th,2012
Profile Advisor of Japan Organization of Better Sleep
Reteaming Coach of Brief Therapy Institute
Master of environmental science (Tsukuba university)
After Graduate School I joined GK industrial Design Institute engaged in marketing research of product and urban development master plan.I started MT Healthcare Design Research 2012.
〒101-0047 Kashima bldg. 3F 1-17-6 Uchikanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
Tel. 03-5244-5807 Fax. 03-5244-5808


Yasuko Akutsu President & CEO of MT Healthcare Design Research Inc.

Advisor of Japan Organization of Better SleepReteaming Coach of Brief Therapy Institutevice secretary general of JAPAN ASSOCIATION OF APPLIED IT HEALTHCARE


completed a master's course of Graduate school of s of environment Studies. Tsukuba university After Graduate School I joined GK industrial Design Institute, engaged in marketing research of product and urban development master plan.
I started MT Healthcare Design Research 2012, MT Healthcare Design Research inc, is company specialized in a health care design, product design , system design, ux design, business design.


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